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Centova Cast

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There’s no better time to kick your broad-casting game up a notch with our premium SHOUTcast hosting services.

Up-time averages in excess of 99.99%

Platforms refined to be best-in-breed

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Reasonably priced... and high quality!

Whisper: $33/month

64kbps bitrate
2GB storage (SSD)
∞ network bandwidth
50 concurrent listeners
AutoDJ or we’ll relay you
+$5/month per 50 listeners

Speak: $44/month

128kbps bitrate
4GB storage (SSD)
∞ network bandwidth
50 concurrent listeners
AutoDJ or we’ll relay you
+$10/month per 50 listeners

Shout: $55/month

192kbps bitrate
6GB storage (SSD)
∞ network bandwidth
50 concurrent listeners
AutoDJ or we’ll relay you
+$15/month per 50 listeners

Custom packages, NFPs, etc

Whether you’re in need of more storage, listeners, quality or features, you’re covered with SHOUTcast Oz.

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Generous discounts for NFPs.

How does this radio work?
What makes it right for us?

As opposed to  broadcasting via costly FM or AM spectrum licensing, you can opt to broadcast to the world via the internet using SHOUTcast. There are countless benefits to be enjoyed.

Not only is the cost far lower, but going online gives you access to a more diverse audience and an improved feature set.

Centova Cast - The control panel

We moved our SHOUTcast servers across to Centova Cast and our clients love it year-round. Offering great flexibility with easy-to-use listening tools, it has your stream covered.

Equinix Sydney - The data centre

Our hardware is located within Equinix facilities in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Backed by redundant feeds, up-time for our radio clientele is exceptional and sure to impress. Security is a top priority for us, and Equinix PCI & ISO compliance is strict.

Passionate local engineers

“Love is in the air” is what they’ve said and sung for decades, and we feel the magic too. Without our team, we are nothing – they’re the sound-loving engineers who enjoy helping you out.

Custom & NFP packages

SHOUTcast and internet radio hosting as a whole has introduced vast reach to those who previously couldn’t afford anything comparable. We’re honoured to assist NFPs and positive causes, so please don’t be shy with asking us.

Money-back guarantee

Music can heal any wound, but it’s your call. Tell us why, and we’ll return all money to you if you decide that you’ve found another lover who can treat you better within the first 30 days.

What our lovely clients say ✍️

“Great service all year round, thanks for your continued support since the move from the other mob”

“Thanks for looking after our University with constant passion over the years – loving the service”

“The best control panel I’ve come across, and uptime that beats others I’ve seen. No issues!”

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Pump those sounds.

Each of us has a little boogy inside, but sometimes it’s not so much the inspiration as it is the delivery. That’s where it all started for us.

We set out to produce the most refined internet radio experience in Australia. Starting with the base of SHOUTcast, we bolted on Centova Cast for our client’s interface and implemented our 10+ years of web hosting experience to keep the experience bullet-proof during your busiest times on the air. It’s a winning combo you’ll love.

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