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SHOUTcast v2 internet radio & podcast services

Our crew is backed by audio-loving industry veterans, working tirelessly to deliver relentless up-time, audio quality and listener satisfaction 24/7.

MediaCP (Control Panel) GUI

SHOUTcast DNAS & Icecast v2

AutoDJ or Relay your feed out

Podcast Management System

Fibre Optic Network (Sydney)

How we’re different

Uptime and Audio Quality comes first, and is achieved by leveraging industry-leading systems and refusing to cut corners. We’re for your Station and all of your global listeners. By passionate Australians, for Aussie locals & beyond.

SHOUTcast via AutoDJ
(Upload, playlist & go)

If you’re just getting started with SHOUTcast Internet Radio as more of a hobby, you’re probably best off leveraging AutoDJ to make playlists from your uploaded content, take requests online, etc. This option suits a wide range of hobbyist station owners who don’t already have a Radio software stack in-place.

  • Upload Files via FTP
  • Make Playlists online 24/7
  • Take requests from listeners
  • Check listener stats/locations/etc
  • Scale-up your station as it ramps up
  • SHOUTcast DNAS v2 + Icecast KH v2

SHOUTcast distribution
(relay from your station)

Established station? Odds are you’ll want to relay through us, which is easily done via a range of hardware and/or software options at your end. We have recommended configurations and can also assist with getting bespoke platforms connected with us via the SHOUTcast DNAS v2 system.

  • Reliable Servers in Sydney
  • Fibre Network & Tier IV DC
  • View Listener Stats 24/7
  • Add MP3/AAC Streams
  • Submit to Directories
  • Metatag data pass-through
  • Self-service listener upgrades
  • Australian Technical Support
  • Trusted by Universities & more
  • Migrations handled in 24 hours

Podcast Management
(via simple online tool)

By popular request, we’re able to offer online self-service Podcast Management which handles the artwork/tags/archival/etc for you automatically. You can then submit feeds to the relevant directories to reach the largest potential audience. Need help? Get in touch so we can run you through it.

  • Straight-forward Online Tool
  • Upload, Describe, Tag & Publish
  • Public Episode Archive for listeners
  • Technical Support here in Australia
  • More features developed on-request

Reach out to our crew

We’re a passionate bunch of Australian Engineers, with a fierce love for Radio.

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